Patient Reviews


Edward, 1/28/2020

"Dr Krese is an experienced professional who utilizes a measured approach to resolve identified dental issues." 

Steve, 1/17/2020

" Dr. Krese is a wonderful periodontist. I'm glad he was recommended to me. He's been instrumental in my teeth and gum care." 

Vera, 11/15/2019

"I have been going to Dr. Krese for 20 years and have full confidence that my teeth have been cared for in the best possible way. "

John, 11/13/2019

" As usual, my visits are amusingly entertaining!" 

Dallas, 11/08/2019

"Its a fun place to come. My teeth are in good enough shape that it doesn't even hurt too badly." 

Susan, 10/25/2019

 "Always feel better about my teeth after the appointment!" 


Jeffrey, 10/25/2019

 "I would go no where else." 

Edward, 10/8/2019

 "Dr Krese provides thoughtful dental care putting the patient best interest first." 

Jim, 10/4/2019

 "Thanks for the fluoride toothpaste." 

Gertrude, 10/1/2019

"Always enjoying seeing you all at each visit and catching up! So professional and always on time! Great job! Your services are greatly appreciated!"

Arlie, 9/19/2019

 "I've found Dr. Krese and his staff to be very professional and customer friendly. He is very up front and transparent about the treatment recommended and the related cost. The entire staff truly cares about the welfare of their patients." 

John, 8/17/2019

 "Dr. Krese has done a good job for me for many years. "


James, 8/16/2019

"Friendly and very accurate on what is wrong and how to fix it. Excellent service." 

Stephen 8/16/2019

" I've been seeing Dr. Krese since moving to the area. I'm glad I found him. He was recommended by my dentist for periodontal cleanings and care. Dr. Krese has been wonderful. Explains everything very well. I feel well taken care of by him and his staff. "

Hollis, 8/13/2019

 "The staff & provider are very friendly & professional. The offices are very clean & the parking is convenient. The waiting time is minimal. I would recommend Dr. Krese to anyone."

Stanley, 8/8/2019

"Prompt, friendly & efficient."

Paul, 7/19/2019

 "Great place and people. Highly recommend!" 

Gram, 7/18/2019

 "The service is courteous and professional. "


David, 7/14/2019

"Dr. Krese is a periodontist with a wry sense of humor, a good fish story, and a caring, non-aggressive approach to dental care that suits me just fine. "

Brad, 7/10/2019

 "A very professional and pleasant group." 

Eugene, 7/1/2019

"Highly professional, friendly and efficient."

Berdell, 6/19/2019

 "I am always at ease with Dr. Krese and staff,they get me in and done in a timely manner . Always are concerned with my comfort and that means a lot!" 

Vera, 6/3/2019

"Dr. Krese and his assistant took extra time after work hours to treat my emergency extraction. He was careful and I had no discomfort then or afterward." 

Patricia, 5/31/2019

 "Thank you for the very personal attention you give your clients. You expertise is greatly appreciated. "


Ron, 5/21/2019

 "Long time patient..always treated very well." 

William, 5/12/2019

" Changes in my mouth necessitated a change in treatment, but Dr. Krese took care to explain what had happened and explained all the options before proceeding. His clear explanations and conservative approach are reassuring. He always takes care to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. "

Rebecca, 5/10/2019

"Wait time in the clinic less than 2 min Dr. Krese provides information about latest studies and recommendations. Care meticulous and painless Very congenial team."

Lourine, 5/5/2019

" I have been a patient for over 20 years and have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Krese and his staff. "

Virginia, 4/18/2019

 "I received excellent attention from Dr. Krese and his assistant. The wait time was zero, and the thoughtful discussion of my dental issues was appreciated. "

Christine, 4/6/2019

 "Awesome both Dr Krese and his staff considering the unpleasant nature of the reason for visit! "


Edward, 3/13/2019

"I'm completely satisfied with the care I've received at this practice, unlike others I've used previously." 

Sandra, 3/12/2019

"You guys are great. Not only is the periodontist excellent,but the dental assistant is fantastic." 

Barbara, 3/18/2019

"Appointments always on time, staff efficient, friendly and supportive.  Dr. is skillful and patient. "

Diane, 3/7/2019

"I have been going to Dr. Krese for over 20 years.  Everyone is extremely friendly and professional.  I would recommend him and his staff to anyone looking for a welcoming atmosphere. "

Bradley, 2/20/2019

"A very competent and professional environment.  Dr Krese fully explains all proposed treatments." 


Stephen, 2/15/2019

"I've been seeing Dr. Krese for around 7 years and have found him to be an excellent provider.  He listens and cares about the well being of his patients, and takes plenty of time explaining and offering alternatives and suggestions. I also love his sense of humor! "

Anthony, 2/15/2019

"My wife and I have been patients of Dr Krese for 25 Years.  During that time we have become acquainted with his professional and highly knowledgeable passion in providing the latest in procedures and equipment.  We owe our current superb dental health to his attention to detail, calm attitude and a positive approach to our every need. And the rest of the practice is a smooth running operation as well; the dental hygienist(s) and the admin staff are excellent and reflect on the entire operation. "

Wendy, 2/6/2019

"Excellent care and atmosphere" 

Francis, 2/29/2019

"Very comfortable setting.  Everyone was super nice and professional. "

Patricia, 1/18/2019

"Great service and feed back .  Very professional and personable. "

Graham, 1/15/2019

 "Friendly, courteous and very professional service rendered by Dr. Krese and staff. "


Paul, 1/10/2019

"Dr Krese is a great resource to have in your address book! He gets the job done with no fuss and calls issues as he sees them, preferring a more conventional as opposed to the latest fad to sell you on. "

Michael, 12/17/2018

"Dr. Krese and his staff are always welcoming, professional and provide excellent dental care." 

Charles, 12/5/2018

"I am pleased with my last visit. "

Janet, 12/5/2018

" Great service. Place is amazing and the people are kind, compassionate, and funny. Thanks." 

Jane, 11/28/18

"Compassionate, homey, and knowledgeable atmosphere. "

Diane, 11/27/2018

"I have been a patient of Dr. David Krese for over twenty years. Everyone there makes you feel extremely welcome and at ease. You know you'll always be met with smiles and a friendly hello when you visit the office." 


Lynne, 11/27/2018

 "Everyone is very friendly, I never have to wait and I feel like I am being well taken care of. "

John, 11/22/2018

"Friendly staff, nice facilities, and a dentist who is proud of his work." 

Eugene, 10/30/2018

 "Highly professional, efficient and friendly" 

Lourine, 10/26/2018

"I have been going to this practice for years and have had nothing but positive experiences." 

Virginia, 10/18/2018

"Dr. Krese is an excellent doctor who cares for his patients and helps them keep their teeth and gums in good condition. He also has a fun personality, which helps when you are sitting in that chair." 

Charles, 10/4/2018

 "My visit to your Office recently was most satisfying and helpful. Many thanks." 


Ed, 9/5/2018

"I am confident in the Doctor's body of knowledge, skills to provide best guidance and care. "

Rebecca, 9/2/2018

"Never have to wait to be seen.  Excellent care.  Environment pristine "

Kathryn, 8/31/2018

 "Thank you for your great service!"

John, 8/24/2018

 "Friendly & professional office and staff. "

Hollis, 7/24/2018

 "No waiting time -- very important. Plus the truly friendly & kind personnel." 

Joan, 7/22/2018

"I have great confidence in Dr Krese and his staff. "


William, 7/12/2018

 "Dr Krese gives me excellent dental care on all of my dental needs and his staff makes all my dental appointments and my appointment go as easy as possibly . "

Graham, 7/11/2018

"Dr. Krese provides very courteous professional service. Visits to the office are always a pleasant experience." 

Paul, 7/10/2018

 "Dr. Krese and staff provide a great service from start to finish. Highly recommend!" 

Ann, 6/26/2018

 "Best dentist and staff ever! Been going to them since they started on E Jefferson Day.! Prompt and friendly!" 

Cecil, 6/13/2018

"Always a pleasure dealing with Dr Krese and staff." 

Charles, 6/6/2018

"I was taken into the room for the work on my gums on time, I was met cordially, the work by the attendant and Dr. David Krese was well done. I was very pleased with the work that was done. "


Deborah, 6/1/2018

"Dr. Krese is enjoyable. He keeps talking to keep your attention elsewhere. I am not having complicated surgery, but what he does is great. Off ice clean and folks friendly!" 

Brad, 5/25/2018

 "Very pleasant and efficient staff." 

Philip, 5/8/2018

 "Very thorough. Finally have dental health under good control." 

Anthony, 4/27/2018

"The experience with Dr Krese and his staff is always memorable...from a cheerful greeting by his office admin staff, to a pleasant and professional experience with Teresa, his main stay assistant and hygienist, to Dr Krese himself, who holds down an immaculate office with top drawer equipment and amazing expertise. Dr. Krese's personal interaction with the patient, and comforting dialogue make office visits actually something to which one looks forward to happening. The Krese practice is TOPS." 

Bill, 4/5/2018

"If and when you need dental care I recommend Dr. Krese for all the dental needs you might need and also Gwen will work with you to get any and all appointments you need around your schedule." 

William, 4/5/2018

"Comfortable office with plenty of parking. I received prompt attention without any waiting. Process was described so I was prepared for the procedure. Dr. Krese explained all options clearly and in detail and answered all the questions I had." 


Mike, 4/4/2018

"Dr. Krese is excellent and his staff is stellar too! "

Edward, 4/2/2018

"I believe Dr Krese puts patients first...genuine integrity." 

Dallas, 3/30/2018

 "If you like to hear good conversation while being worked on, this is the place to be". 

Krista, 3/28/2018

 "You all are wonderful! Thank you so much." 

Barb, 3/27/2018

 "It was fabulous! I always love leaving the dentist's office with good news. "


Joan, 3/15/2018

 "Always efficient and friendly." 

Walter, 3/7/2018

 "Fun to go to this practice. Everyone is nice and very knowledgeable." 

Anna, 3/6/2018

"I was very happy to get an appointment so quickly and getting my dental problem addressed during my initial visit." 

Michael, 3/4/2018

"Dr. Krese has the unique skill of mixing his expertise with a friendly personality. I feel welcomed and appreciated during my visits." 

Lyna, 2/23/2018

"Actually enjoy going to my Periodontist and that’s a first. Dr. Krese excellent as is his staff. He makes it fun." 

Gertrude, 2/23/2018

"Love going to Dr. Krese and love his staff! Highly recommend to everyone!" 


Janet, 2/23/2018

"Dr Krese does a good job. Having trouble with my gums. Hope we can get it resolved. The cost of dental work in general is so expensive. Glad I have insurance." 

Fumiaki, 2/23/2018

"Dr. Krese gives you a thorough cleaning and check up of teeth." 

Frank, 2/22/2018

"Thoroughly professional in every way. "

Patrick, 2/20/2018

"On time quick and efficient." 

Thomas, 2/20/2018

"First visit. Dr. Krese was a good listener, and gave sound logic for his recommendations." 

Gene, 2/16/2018

"Excellent, highly professional and efficient." 


Sandra, 2/3/2018

"I feel very comfortable coming and having the procedure done. Your assistant, Theresa always does a super excellent job." 

Stepehn, 1/31/2018

"Dr. Krese is very good at explaining findings and options to his patients. I find that very comforting and refreshing. He takes the time to listen and to talk. I'm glad I found him!" 

Hollis, 1/24/2018

 "There is no waiting time & you are greeted by happy employees."

Marta, 1/24/2018

"I have been your patient for many, many years and have always received the best of care. You are optimistic and understanding. Many times I had problems with my health and your advice was important to me." 

Wendy, 1/16/2018

 "Love the relaxed atmosphere in office."

Mary, 1/11/2018

"Dr. Krese and his staff are very professional and know how to make you feel at ease about being at the dentist. More dentists should be like him!" 


David, 1/10/2018

"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff." 

TJ, 1/4/2018

 "Timely professional. Very best Dental service I've ever had." 

Barbara, 1/2/2018

"Dr. Krese does a marvelous cleaning. Less painful and less volume of water used than I’ve experienced with  others."

Janet, 12/31/2017

"Dr. Krese and staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Refreshing for a dental visit!" 

Margaret, 12/5/2017

 "Excellent care and thorough explanations."

Paul, 11/22/2017

"Very positive initial visit. Came well-recommended and didn't disappoint! I appreciate the candor and frank   answers. All staff very friendly and courteous."